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Gearbox - Type 9

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Type 9 - 5 Speed Alloy Lid LM25TF

Type 9 alloy lid & breather pipe system.

Helps with rigidity of the main case and has the breather location at the front for easier installation. 

In Stock

Type 9 - 5 Speed Alloy Bearing Plate L169TF

High quality Type 9 Bearing Plate in aerospace grade L169TF.

Reverse gear pin location is cast over to prevent the pin moving back and interfering with fifth gear.

In Stock

Type 9 - 5 Speed Alloy Main Case L169TF

Designed for easy quick release. 

Level filler plug moved approximately 1inch forward, for ease of access in Caterham applications.
Brass magnetic filler and drain plugs. 

Cast in high quality aerospace grade L169TF

In Stock

Tracsport Type 9 Competition Spec 3rd / 4th Inner Hub

Made in tougher material than standard to reduce wear of this critical component.

In Stock

Tracsport Competition Spec Selector Rail Clip

Precision cast in tensile brass.

Improves the reliability of the gear change with typically a years use in a competition car

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