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Tracsport Caterham 6 speed light weight lay gear

The Tracsport lay gear has a reduced diameter and is bored through to remove excessive weight. (saves 0.8kg) 

The standard lay gear between the constant and 5th gear is nearly 2" solid steel which gives unnecessary load to the synchros every gear change. This results in heavier gear changes and reduces synchro life.

This lay gear has been tested in caterham duratec race cars with no issues.

Part No. 70065L

£326.04 ex.VAT

Tracsport Caterham 6 Speed Input Shaft Long

This Tracsport input shaft is the same length as standard ford V6 2.8

The approximate length from the circlip groove to the end of the spigot is 203 mm

£195.62 ex.VAT

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