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Tracsport T9 Full Helical Sport Touring Gear kit

Tracsport T9 Full Helical Sport Touring Gear kit

This gear kit has been designed for high performance and being fully helical, quiet in use. The gear kit has been lightened where possible and weighs .570 kg less than a standard ford gear kit (7.840kg). The lighter the gear kit the less load there is on the sychromesh, therefore increasing reliability.

Manganese phosphate coating to 1st, 3rd & 5th gears, (OE coating) this helps prevent gears seizing on the main shaft. This gear kit utilises the standard ford main shaft 2nd gear.

Included in the kit is an INA F208843 XR4 front lay gear bearing, an adapter sleeve is provided to allow use in a standard type 9 2 litre gearbox.

Not available in standard ford 2 litre specification with loose needle rollers as these are frequently unreliable.

Available with ford long, short and Caterham sigma input shafts.

The gear ratios are as follows 1st 2.752 - 2nd 1.698 - 3rd 1.237 - 4th 1:1 - 5th .815

No other gear ratios are available with this gear kit.


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