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Simon Crook BDG Historic Rally Escort

Tracsport Type E heavy duty full needle roller alloy case

Tracsport  gearboxes have been fitted to my Manta and latterly my Escort BDG. These boxes are superbly manufactured with lots of innovative design features that ensure almost a fit and forget approach. Based on the Ford 4 speed the gear kit is straight cut but with lightened gears, reducing rotating mass helps to provide a lighter and smoother driving experience. As good practice the oil is changed every 100 stage miles as a precaution. These gearboxes can do a season ( in my experience 500 stage miles) between strip and rebuild with as yet no parts replaced. The alloy casing is designed for quick release function and has good access to the cap bolts, having a sump plug also allows easy oil changes.

Winning the RAC clubman rally championship in 2014 with 4 class wins  and for a fit and forget solution I can't recommend these gearboxes enough!

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